Becoming (again and again) Residency

Testing Grounds

August 1 - August 21 2017


Becoming (again and again)


Zoë Bastin used Testing Grounds as a dynamic performance site to experiment with newly made works and consider the relationships between the performative potential of sculpture and processes of making and assembling. ‘Becoming (again and again)’ is both a product and an encounter; an ephemeral negotiation with built structures and a consideration of environmental factors - a continual becoming. Where Testing Grounds exaggerates its nature as a potential construction site through the bare aesthetics of steel beams and scaffold flooring, Bastin explores how interactions with site can be informed by these construction materials. The artist’s sculptural assemblages of foam, concrete, clay, plaster, latex and rope will act as catalysts for choreographic play and improvisation throughout the residency. The tenuous and liminal are embraced as connection point; a coconut-encrusted hammock concealing its foam innards as it swings, and a plaster-casted clay mould reveals the negative imprint of its maker, pierced and supported in rope-perspex cylindrical grip.


Objects that don't decay

Essay by Brigid Hansen